Tricheer, the full name is Shanghai Tricheer Technology Co.,Ltd, established in 2006. It is a world leading wireless communication terminal products and industry solutions provider, specializing in researching and developing wireless data terminal products, modules, etc. The headquarter is in Shanghai. The research center is in XI’an, and there is a production center in Huizhou.

The long-term business covers the scope of domestic and foreign operators. We have strong strategic cooperation with China mobile, Docomo, Softbank, STC global well-known operators. The related products are the Hotspot/CPE/Module/Dongle etc all kinds of wireless data terminal products. The network coverage for 3G/4G.

Our company have not only kept deep relationship with operators but also put forward to the IOT strategy. Combination with the industry giants of car industry and Internet. We also release terminals and suitable for each solutions, to develop industrialization of information platform for the future.

Our business philosophy is “Innovative, efficient and professional”. We actively grasp the forefront the industry trends, raise our ability of organization, strengthen product innovation, constantly creating value for our customers. Aims to achieve the long-term partners of enterprise and developing healthily. Whether now or in the future, Tricheer will keep go on to maintain the good momentum, with our perfect partners to achieve win-win situation.